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since 1991

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Established in 1991

The company started as a manufacturer of filter cloths
for different industrial sectors.
In 1999, the company was one of the first in Poland,
to launch the production of filters for pharmaceutical
industry – fluid bed dryer & granulator bags.

The company staff consists of qualified staff with professional
knowledge and extensive professional experience in the field
of filtration. Currently, OFTIM is a widely recognized supplier
of filter media to a number of pharmaceutical companies
and customers from different sectors.

See our offer

See who we are
and what we can do for you!

Our offer

modeled on the best
foreign projects

OFTIM multi-sleeve bag filters are manufactured using
best technologies available and their design guarantees:

  • high efficiency of drying/granulation process
  • full use of the filtration area
  • reduction of product loss to a minimum
  • longer life

See who we are
and what we can do for you!


OFTIM multi-sleeve bag filters have the Health Quality Certificate
issued by the National Institute of Hygiene

Also, in each supply we include other documents accepted
by the GMP system applicable in the pharmaceutical industry.


OFTIM has documented positive feedback from a number
of pharmaceutical companies to which we have been
supplying our filters and with which we have been partners
for several years.


Gliniana 6
97-300 Piotrkow Trybunalski

phone: +48 44 647 10 85